Mogl 2.0

On a New Mission to Fight Hunger with Hunger

The hunger problem in America has doubled since
2008 and now affects 1 in 4 children.


Now you can fight hunger
just by dining out.

3 steps to fight hunger


Sign up and link your credit & debit cards. Then
use a linked card at participating restaurants.

Link your card

Instantly earn 10% cash-back then choose how
much of it to donate to a local food bank.

donate to food bank

Follow along as you, your friends and other
Moglers team up to fight hunger in your city.

Follow along

We’re taking the fight
against hunger nationwide

Plus a Whole New App and Site

Faster search, new bookmarks, five star reviews, improved filters, compete
with friends, and much much more.

Launching Mid November 2013

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